Eating Shit… Blogapy



LipsDon’t read this one if you are eating….

Yes. I’m willing to eat shit to survive.

You know when you’re young and you try and imagine how far you would go to stay alive… or keep someone you love alive.

Remember how once… or a few times you said you’d eat shit. Well I have.

As you may recall… I have terminal Brain Cancer and take Cannabis Oil to keep my tumor from growing any larger.

And… you may also recall that I pay over $1,000 a month to have the privilege of swallowing this nasty green sludge that literally tastes like manure.

Well… I keep my oil in the bathroom. So I can take it every day in privacy… because many times I gag on it. It tastes so bad that I sandwich it in between two pieces of chocolate to get it down…. As TASTE is a big part of my life… Loving food, and cooking as much as I do… this sucks!

Here’s the poopy part…. one morning I dropped one of my full syringes in the toilet!

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT…. A gross accident… and an expensive one.

As the syringes are air proof… and only the tip touches the oil… I wiped it down with alcohol… washed the tip over and over again… and kept taking the oil until the syringe was empty.

I never told anyone because I was so humiliated…. that I had to stoop so low… as to risk eating my own excrement.

And I never wanted anyone to stop kissing me… so now I’m coming clean. REALLY clean!

That oil syringe was thrown away a year ago… and I’m still here.

So… I guess I will go as far as I have to….to stick around.

Luckily it hasn’t stopped the kissing! Although… now it might!

Pucker up… I need all the love and support to keep me going! (And there’s always mouthwash!)



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