The Bubble…. Blogapy



Oh god… I wish I could go back into my bubble.

The quaint bubble of the 1970’s… when I could ride my bike 5 miles to the mall… with no helmet and no cell phone… and not end up kidnapped… or dead from Ebola.

We went to school every day… and parents could come and go as they please. No I.D. … no police… no guns.

All Halloween candy was considered edible… UNLESS it was an apple… because all of those had razor blades in them!

My dad used to smoke cigarettes in his little red Datsun, with me and my sister in the back seat… no seat belts… windows rolled up…. breathing second hand smoke while boogying to Neil Diamond!

It was a great bubble. Chinese food on Sunday nights… followed by the Muppet Show in Mom & Dad’s room!

I want my kids to grow up in that safe… iridescent bubble. Floating on the breeze of security and light heartedness. Where ISIS doesn’t exist… and elementary schools were safe places of learning & playing hop scotch.

But the bubble is only an illusion… one that bursts the minute it hits an obstacle.

I guess what I’ve realized after these 44 years… is that the bubble is nice… but it is… well… a bubble. It lasts for a short time… dancing in the wind… while children chase it… only to catch the wet air as it bursts.

What’s better is when you realize that the bubble is a temporary distraction. A beautiful… but very short lived magical ball… trapped in suspension… elegantly drifting in the air… delighting even the oldest and toughest souls… if even for a brief moment.

So, to all those reading this… which I am blown away to see are from as far away as Nigeria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Pakistan… so many countries…. A bubble is only what you call it. It’s a temporary beautiful distraction from what you are dealing with now.

Whether you are a soldier or a Brain Cancer patient…. going through a divorce or mourning the loss of a loved one… find all your bubbles!

Your “Bubbles” are never gone… they can be found in a letter, a workout, a piece of art, a piece of cake, a drink, a movie, a smoke, sex, a walk in the woods, a book…. anything that allows your mind to take a break from the reality of right here… right now.

At this very moment my bubble is listening to 80’s hair band White Snake… while writing this Blogapy.

So always look for bubbles. Sometimes… they are what saves us.




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