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Tonight is the “Black and Red Ball” for Hartford Hospital. Unfortunately its snowing… and snowing hard! I feel so bad for all those amazing donors who spent a lot of money… and won’t enjoy getting dressed up tonight.

I know how that feels!

Like so many patients… I can’t wear heels anymore. Now I’m NOT complaining! After I was paralyzed… the doctors told me that I’d never be able to walk in anything but heavy soled sneakers. Hmmmm… charming accessory.

So, unable to find a pair of sneakers I like…. I’ve been wearing Uggs for 8 years.

Now, I know you all think they are F’Uggly. But for me… they give me an opportunity to walk around… without anyone noticing the limp.

I also LOVE to dance!

So, fancy parties are not something I usually attend… Unless its a family party… which I would never miss. But, even then, I look like a hot mess wiggling around on the dance floor… shoeless… with a small limp. Sort of hopping one legged during all Hora’s!

But I love to dance. I love it so much that when Greg and I got married a year and a half ago… I bought a pair of Wedding Uggs. (To my Mom’s horror… and I get it!)

They are… to this day… The most expensive pair of shoes I own. I wear them as slippers now… Fabulous slippers!

But I danced all night long at my wedding. I still looked like a hot mess… screaming 80’s tunes… and smiling so hard it hurt!

I would love to throw an Ugg Ball. A “Dressy From The Neck Up” Ball. Hair gorgeous… fancy jewels, beautiful make-up… and then comfy clothes from the neck down. I bet all my patients would love it! Since physical movement can be so hard… for so many…. this would give all of us a chance to dance in some way.

HEY… All you at Ugg Corporation… How about a sponsorship for the Ugg BALL. We have to say Ughhh all the time when a Ball passes us by… Help us say Ugg BALL!

I bet we could raise a fortune for Brain Cancer! The Brain Ball… we can all wear our Uggs!

If anyone at Ugg wants to contact The CTBTA…. here’s our website


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