Playing The Brain Tumor Card!!!!!!

The Brain Tumor Card 009My belly still hurts from laughing last night. You know one of those great nights… the ones that just happen… spontaneously!

Wasn’t feeling strong enough to go out… hanging in by the fire with good friends was exactly what Greg and I needed.

We set up the card table and decided to do a game night! Something I’ve always wanted to do… but never set up.

Our friends came over and brought the completely politically incorrect game, ‘Cards Against Humanity’. And I warn you… the only people you should play this game with… are people you know really well… and won’t judge what you laugh at.

Questions are asked… and you can answer with one of the cards you’ve been dealt. (No pun intended)

In my hand…. The Brain Tumor Card! I Shit you not!

All Brain Cancer patients laugh and joke about when it’s “OK” to play the Brain Tumor card.

And believe me… it works.

When we packed up the game….I wanted to keep the actual card and have it my purse to pull out… whenever I needed it.

But I finally decided to send it home with them… knowing that every time they play this game in the future… whether I’m around or not… They will tell this politically incorrect hysterical story about their Brain Tumor friend… and this card!

Michelle and Paul… you guys rock



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