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This one you will all get a little something from…but for all my SuperHero Seizure patients… you’ll get a little more.

If you take a daily seizure med called Keppra… then you’ve heard of Keppra Rage!

For those of you who aren’t part of the “Seizure Cool Kids Club”… Keppra is a daily drug you have to take to keep seizures at bay. Some patients take only a small dose… some take larger doses. And then there’s the really really cool kids who take the largest doses possible… 3000 mg a day! That would be me.

And of course that’s all on top of another prescription seizure medication I take called Vimpat… because they just switched me from Trileptal… which is on top of my Cannabis Oil! Did you catch all that? That’s what it takes to keep me seizure free!

But I AM SEIZURE FREE! At least today…

Anyways… back to the Keppra Rage… or as us users call it “Kep rage”.

A few years back… I had 4 of our 5 kids in the car. We were driving back from a great trip in the Berkshires. And on the road trip home… Kep rage attacked.

It was something small… I forget now what set it off. But I took the girl’s heads off. And the trip was over an hour long… and the Kep rage… raged on.

I’ve never had the guts to explain Kep rage to the kids… because… well… it’s not something you want to tell you kids. Oh… sorry… but… “Mommy can become a raging lunatic if you set me off!”

Just not something a Mom wants to say out loud to the kids she is supposed to protect from all the… as my kids would call it “Cray Cray” things out there in the world.

But I’ve now learned how to recognize when I’m in Kep rage… and I get out of the situation as quickly as possible. So… (as Greg calls it) I don’t leave too many injured… in my wake.

Turns out… as the kids have gotten older he’s spoken to each one of them… on their age appropriate levels… and explained what Kep rage is. So, that they have a better understanding of why I can get mad… and then get SO MAD.

Well… speaking of wake… when my 15 and 17 year old step-daughters WAKE up this morning… I think we’ll have that long overdue “I’m Sorry… and here’s why…” talk.

Its long overdue… and I’m old enough… and they are old enough… to finally cross that T .. and dot that i.

So… even if you don’t suffer from Kep rage… maybe you just have had good ole’ fashioned… every day bullshit mom rage… make sure everyone you leave in your wake… gets an eventual apology. They might have been waiting for it for years.

But I’m hoping that with family… It’s never too late to apologize.


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