Moving Forward… Blogapy (Once Again)

Well… this is from 2 years ago. And things have changed again. But, The beautiful part of right now is, Greg and I are finally going on our honeymoon, The book interviews are over… awaiting on Carries draft, ABIM work is amazing, Kids are fabulous… and we are just moving forward… once again!Greg and meThis is what moving forward looks like.

Last night… 2 nights after the MRI news….

We had a great night of dinner under the stars… and dancing under the moon!

Life goes on after “news”.

But, I’ve gotten such an overwhelming community outpouring of love, hugs, support, Sunflowers, Cherry Tomatoes from the garden, Cards, Lunches, Dinners… and this is just day 3!

You all are along for this ride with me… that is clear and overwhelmingly heartwarming…

So, I will fill you in on what’s happened since the news of a slight change in my Brain Tumor.

We’ve spoken to one of my amazing Dr.s… My Radiation Oncologist… who has assured us that this is not an “Oh Shit” moment. And we need to just address this small change. Maybe with a watch it… and recheck in a month or two.

We are waiting to hear back from my Yale Team. My Neurosurgeon and my Neuro-Oncologist… I know… how cool am I… These are the kinds of Docs I hang with!

They will have the final say… and then we move forward. Just like always.

So we aren’t shitting… and neither should anyone else. Although I love all the love… I’m good… I promise.

I’m very busy working on multiple projects. One of which I am very excited to say is a Book. My Book!

So I’m not going to do much Blogapy-ing anymore… because I’ll be busy writing my story.

That’s what moving forward looks like… Living and celebrating each and every day, meal, movie, sunny day, rainy day, another day I get to still be here.

So, as I listen to Barry Manilow sing, “When Will I hold You Again”… Which you should totally go listen to right now if you want a good cry!

I tell everyone who ever reads this…

How fucking lucky am I!



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