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Lauren Hill


I loved seeing former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’conner on the cover of a Wheaties box last week.

It made me smile… now we are recognizing real Champions! These are the people I want my children to look up to! Not that I don’t love sports heroes… but I’m not a sports girl… other than the fun party foods I get to make for the Superbowl….

(BTW… I have a great Easter egg cake mold that I use to make an awesome chocolate football cake… you lay it in green colored coconut…. white icing for the laces!)

Sorry… back to the Blogapy…

Today they released the cover of the newest Wheaties Box. It has Lauren Hill on it. For those of you who don’t know who Lauren is… She is a college Freshman here… who dreamed of playing college basketball her whole life.

She has Brain Cancer… and only has weeks to live. So they moved up the first game… allowing her a chance to play.

The 10,000 seat stadium was sold out! And she made the first and last shot of the game. She said it was the best day of her life.

It has created so much Brain Cancer Awareness… both good and bad.

Now my kids are seeing what will happen to me.

Between the recent Brittany story… and now Lauren’s Story… they are “really” seeing everything.

How do I explain this to them. What do I say? What do I say when Lauren dies?

I do want my kids to look up to Lauren… achieving her dreams no matter what! That’s what I want them to see… from their Mom… to other Brain Cancer patients.

But now it’s on their breakfast cereal. It’s in our cabinet… and on our table. You know how kids read the backs of cereal boxes in the mornings… while crunching… what do I do? Rip it away? Tape over the back of the box?

Along with my joy at all these conversations that are taking place… because of Brittany and Lauren… death with dignity… achieving dying dreams while living every moment…

Wonderful conversations that I’m really enjoying participating in.

But in my REAL world… it’s creating a lot of other conversations.

My family is entering into a new phase… wish us all luck!



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