To Commander Kenneth T. Baillie… I wish you a peaceful Memorial Day!

New Orleans 030

An older post… but perfect for Memorial Day!

What a true honor! I got to spend the morning with a true hero… an “INSPIRATION!” And you know how much I hate that word. But on very rare… extremely rare occasions… there is no other word to use.

“The Hammer”… as his soldiers call him.. reminded me why I became a civilian adviser to military on PTSD. Because it’s everyone’s responsibility to help these amazing men and women who have truly sacrificed.. and continue… voluntarily… to run in… when everyone else runs away.

Commander, I’m going to send this to you directly, because you touched me with your stories and your friendship. You’re the kind of man I respect. You refuse a car and driver. You shy away from the spotlight that you have earned. But as you said… If your men eat shit… you eat shit!

We both have holes in our heads… both literally and figuratively… And we were both able to laugh about them!

Again, you have reminded me what career soldiers do. They fight… they bond together… they lead… they sacrifice… they bleed, and sometimes have to kill. What an unimaginable thing that is for so many of us.

Your passion… which truly emits from you… for your soldiers, The Army, The United States, Your Family, Your Mom, Your ancestry… touched me.

And though they call you the “Hammer”… your hugs were warmer than any that I got while in New Orleans.

Thank -you for you invitation to come back and stay at the plantation. Nothing would make me happier to visit again with you and your men.



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