Prison, Chili and Football… Blogapy


Yeah!!!! I get to go back to prison!

My “Prison Boys” have invited me back to see them play in a football game! I can’t wait. I got the email 2 weeks ago… my boys want me to come watch them play. I feel so privileged… I’m actually giddy. Kinda a mom thing.

I’ve already asked if I can bring cupcakes… then I changed it to warm Chili, since its freakin’ cold outside!

Little nervous though… I make Chili in a big glazed Dutch Oven… which won’t make it through the metal detector… And then there’s all the accoutrements… sour cream, fresh cilantro, sliced limes, shredded cheddar… The Warden is gonna kill me!

However… after the last visit… I don’t think they’ll be too surprised!

I’m actually going to be multi-tasking on Saturday! As I also got a call from a Wesleyan College Journalism student who wants to interview me for an article. So he’ll be joining me… and doing the interview during the game.

Of course… he’s coming to interview me as a Medical Marijuana Patient & Advocate. But I really hope he watches the game. If you’re reading this Charles… listen up.

This game you’ll be watching… will be played by some amazing young men. Although they’ve made some mistakes that landed them there… watch them as they play… as they transform right before your very eyes. Because if they invited me back to watch them play… it means that I touched them. And they want to show me.

Pride is a huge accessory. You notice it when someone is wearing it. I didn’t see much of it when I thanked them for giving me hope with their $300 donation. (For more info read the other Prison Blogapy)

Now, I think they want to show it off a little. And I can’t wait to see it.

Charles… that’s a story worth writing!

I look forward to Saturday…. watching football and serving my Autumn Roasted Corn Chili.

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