Not an Apology About the Sex Comment…Blogapy

Not an apology about the sex comment…Blogapy

Hi Friends.

So, Tuesday I did a radio interview. Since May is Brain Tumor Awareness month…we did a 1 hour interview about, “Why I became a Brain Tumor Advocate?”

And until she asked the question…I didn’t think of myself as a Brain Tumor Advocate.

I knew I was a medical marijuana advocate…but I just thought of myself as a Brain Tumor patient…who happens to be very loud!

The show hosts also asked me what I thought… after my diagnosis… of becoming single again?

So… I told them the truth!

I thought…Am I ever going to have sex again?

It was the truth.

I also thought about the fact that I had no health insurance, no money, no more career, going bald, who was going to raise my kids…stuff like that.

I think most people who are going through a tragedy…soldiers with PTSD, mourning a death, diagnosis of an illness, losing a limb, watching a fire burn down your home, Fill in the blank here… wonder some of the same kinds of things.

How will I rebuild? My life? My future? My home? My family? Once again…Fill in the blank here…

Coincidentally, both the co-hosts of the radio show, had lost someone they loved to a Brain Tumor. She had lost her husband…and he had lost his daughter.

And, on the day of the show, it happened to be the anniversary of her husband’s death. She was very emotional during the show…and here I was talking about sex!

And then I was thinking…oh my god…did I offend them? Just in case…I hope they know that was not my intention.

But I don’t think they were. Because… after the show, they asked me to do another show…with Greg.

I think what they did…was they allowed me to give their listeners a real “life” experience. Not a real “death” experience. I still think people are surprised that I didn’t just curl up into a ball and call it quits after everything that happened to me.

But look at what happened…as soon as I decided to make a difference for other people… facing the same experiences…I started to rebuild my life, my future and my career. How cool is that!

So, I hope if any of this resonates with you…it’s ok to think about whatever you want. It’s ok to be afraid that maybe you just lost everything. Because in a minute, and an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year from now…you’ll have moved on… and started to rebuild.

So… if nothing else…you’re going to become a builder…Congratulations on your new job!


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