I Hung Out With a Nun… Blogapy


I met my first Nun.

Does that sound weird? It sounds weird to me… but I’ve never met a Nun. Actually that’s not true… we first met 8 years ago at the CTBTA’s first check presentation to St. Francis Hospital.

What I should have said… was that I “Hung Out” With a Nun.

Sister Judy emailed me last month… and asked me out for coffee

Here’s the response email I sent her…

Hi Sister Judy,
I would love to get together with you!
Let me throw some dates out that work for me… and see, if by some miracle, the match up! Oooohhh… am I allowed to use the word miracle with a nun? Because if I can… I have some other doozies! 
And if I can’t… I’m soooooo sorry…. I’m Jewish…. not sure of the protocol?
She knew we would work well together… so we met a few weeks ago… where she told me about a very special project she is working on. As she spoke, I interrupted with all my Nun questions. She answered each one honestly, openly and with a great sense of humor. Turns out she’s not just a Nun… she is a Sister of Mercy. Which is a big deal! I’m in awe of the work she’s done over the course of her life.
This is the email I got after our coffee…
Tracey, you have injected new life in me!  Thanks for telling me your story and know if I can do anything for your Board or you, I am here! Please be assured that Lorraine and I will remember you each day in our morning prayer.  Hope we can stay connected!  Your new Sister of Mercy friend!  Judy
How cool is that!
To sum it up… Her organization sends Surgeons, voluntarily, to a very remote area of Haiti. They’ve been able to build a small hospital… And… Now they are going back to train Haitian Doctors to do the surgeries!
The whole “Give a man a fish… he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish… he eats for a lifetime.”
I wish god would give me more hours in the day… So I could work on all the very worthy projects that are put in front of me.
But as I have learned… sometimes by talking about the issue… the words seem to fall on the ears they were meant to.
I hope this does just that Sister Judy.
Here are the websites… Are you interested?

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