Brain Cancer Angry!



I woke up today and I’m Brain Cancer Angry. For those of you who might not know what that means… It means Brain Cancer x Angry!

I try to stay out of politics… because I’m not a politician. My job is to represent Cancer Patients across the United States of America by serving as the Patient Advocate for the American Board of Internal Medicine.

But I’m not speaking today for the ABIM, or The Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance, which I’m the Co-Founder of.

I’m speaking as me. Tracey Gamer Fanning, 10 yr Brain Cancer Survivor, Medical Marijuana Advocate, Mom of 5, and Wife to my knight in shining armor Husband.

I’m so angry that this country’s new administration would put forward a healthcare bill that would turn every Cancer patient into a pre-existing condition.

It’s because of this… I’m throwing in my 2 cents.

On my current insurance plan, my recent Brain Surgery at Yale, with one of the best Neuro-Surgeons in the world, cost $5000.

My Rehabilitation stay at Mt. Sinai, cost my family only $2,000.

My Chemotherapy drugs cost only $60 dollars per month.

Without insurance, my family would be bankrupt.

Now, I know that so many people feel helpless, scared and angry out there. But there is something you can do. Yes… just ONE person can make a difference. And you don’t have to be a politician or be political!

When I was diagnosed in 2006 with terminal Brain Cancer I found myself with a drawer full of Oxycodine, Ambien and Ativan. I started to become addicted to all of those drugs because Brain Cancer was just too painful for me to go through without medication.

When it was suggested by my Dr. to try Marijuana… it was illegal.

Then I started telling my story, going to the media, doctors, and politicians. Telling them how I got off all my medications and had better quality of life… with Brain Cancer! And if we change the medical marijuana laws… maybe we could help all cancer patients who don’t want to get addicted to Opiods!

Now, all these years later, I’m a part of the national healthcare conversation!

So, please, get involved… get angry…get Brain Cancer Angry!

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