Beef Chili Blogapy

Beef Chili Blogapy!

This past week has been very scary for my family. My son was in the hospital for 5 days with internal bleeding from an unknown location. I’m very happy to say that he is home with me now…lying on the couch…watching star wars and placing his lunch order of a huge burger called a “Squealer” from Plan B!

For those of you who are familiar with my Blogapy…you know I talk a lot about my Dad. Well…today is his birthday. May 2nd. It’s also my Sister and Brother-in-law’s anniversary…Happy Anniversary!!!!

My Dad always had certain things that he wanted to teach us girls. Family Family Family First…was his biggie!

When I got sick…my family raced to be by my side…and have never left. Even though he died in that awful car accident…my Dad is still a huge part of my life.

When my son was admitted into the hospital last Friday morning…My entire family drove in to be with us. Dannakirk from New Jersey and the Pfeffer clan from R.I.

What touched me…in the deepest place…was that when my sister said she was coming down to be with me…her family cancelled all their plans and sports games…and said that she couldn’t go without them.

And Dannakirk…a 5 hour drive for a 1 hour visit…There aren’t enough words of love.

It is one thing to say Family Family Family…It’s another thing to get it.

As a Mom…with Brain Cancer…I’ve tried to instill big character values into my kids in a very short amount of time. I pick and choose my battles…and neat handwriting means much less to me than honesty and kindness.

When our whole family dropped everything and came running to CT Children’s Medical Center…I realized that our kids, even at their young ages…already understood what Family Family Family means.

They have that in them…and that gives me a huge amount of peace…knowing that they’ll all be there for each other when the “Tough…Gets Going”.

So, here I sit…with the task of force feeding my son as much red meat as I can get into him to rebuild his iron and red blood cell stores.

I LOVE to cook…but red meat is sort of a special occasion kind of thing.

We do a lot of fish, pasta, chicken, rice and veggies. I know…my poor kids…trust me…they don’t suffer.

So, now I have to feed beef…3 meals a day. I made a huge pot of chili yesterday. Beef chili…My kids couldn’t believe that chili could taste so good. Now I’m screwed…I’ll never get them to go back to eating my veggie chili!

Oh well…My Dad loved Beef Chili. I used to make it for him and freeze containers for him to snack on. I think this was a birthday gift from my Dad…a healthy Grandson…lying on the couch, watching the original Star Wars and eating Beef Chili.

Happy Birthday Dad!


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