Bar Bitzvah Blogapy

Bar Mitzvah Blogapy

This past weekend I went to my cousins Bar Mitzvah. It was an amazing event…absolutely blow your mind away! And the Bar Mitzvah boy looked so happy…and confident…and charming…I was proud of him.

At the party, there was a performer walking around…he was a mentalist. And he blew me away when he walked over and asked me to think of a number…out of the blue…and then wrote down 27. Needless to say…I grinned from ear to ear! For those of you familiar with my blog…you know 27 is a very important and lucky number for me!

He was so delightful! Really entertaining… with some terrific, up close, slight of hand. I truly loved that momentary feeling of childhood amazement. So I continued to watch him all night.

And all night…each party guest after the next…smiled and believed in magic. They were bewildered kids for that brief moment.

As an FYI…a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a traditional Jewish ceremony that takes place when a child becomes 13, turning them from a Jewish “Child”… into a Jewish “Man” or “Woman”. We read from the Torah…Sing…Eat…Dance…It’s something everyone looks forward to. I had one! (But kids…you are only 13…you still have to listen to mom and dad!)

Ironically, and so perfectly…(Beshert)…the best memories I will have from that magical night…was seeing all my new family members! AND…on a night focused on a kid…turning into an adult…Thank you for allowing all us adults…who have seen so much in our lifetimes… to feel like kids.

To be amazed. To believe that the world is bigger and more incomprehensible than we can ever imagine. That a party goes on…just like life goes on.

We light candles to celebrate the past… the present…and the future! AND…that miracles can and do happen!

It was a homerun! Thanks for the night of a lifetime!



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