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Why do I use Medical Marijuana?

Here’s the answer…

Because the minute my doctors told me I had Brain Cancer… I’ve counted every day as a blessing.

However, Dr.s count in Months and Years.

And with the “BigTime” Cancer… the one that all the other cancer patients don’t even want to have… you’re given this “Mega-Medical  Access Card”. The one that gives you access… to be given everything… to be comfortable… until you go.

And I get that… as a matter of fact I’m thankful for that.

But after 2 years of living on Dilautid, Percocet, Vicodin, Valium, Ativan, Soma, Ambien, Seizure Meds, Anti-depressants… etc. etc. etc… I was like come on guys it’s not like I have Brain Cancer… Oh Shit… yes I do.

But I wanted to live every day… before I die.

I’ve come to terms with dying… so I want to enjoy every day… not “drugged” up… but alive and present.

All the pharmaceuticals I was taking… was depriving me of all the really important moments. Like being a Mom, Falling In Love, Helping other Brain Cancer patients… and finally… last but not least… helping to change the Medicinal Marijuana Laws.

Using Medical Marijuana has allowed me to live an unbelievable life!

I consider myself lucky to have had a brave Dr. recommend it to me when I was suffering.

I did my research… and connected with amazing people in the industry. Knowledgeable… and educated, I started my Cannabis Oil regimen 2 years ago.

And here I sit. Writing today… a 8 1/2 year Survivor/Thriver!

So…. that’s why?

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