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So I had a fun day!

Thanks to one of my Mom’s dearest friends, I was contacted by a really terrific movie producer in L.A. who is working on a documentary about PTSD/TBI.

He and I have been talking all weekend… and I’ve already changed some of the themes in the movie… and the Title! (I’m such a pain in the Ass)

It’s currently named Intrepid…But I suggested TRAUMA.

And what he asked that I do is introduce him to some of the people I work with… and promote the idea of the film. 2/3rds of “TRAUMA” has already been shot, and from what I understand there is already a musical score… and there are a few more things that need to be completed.

It focuses mainly on soldiers who are coming back with PTSD. But then we started talking a lot about “who” are really victims of Trauma and PTSD.

It’s more and more recognizable now that we live in a society of trauma. With 9/11, Newtown, Disease,The multiple Wars… our general society is no longer “untouchable.” Many more of us live through trauma.

And our current treatment options are a brigade of pharmaceutical drugs… that are very sedative and depressing. They make you feel for lack of a better word… “Stoned”.

But many of us don’t want that.

We want to reconnect with the people we love… our family and friends… our community… a future. But its really F’ng hard. I didn’t want anyone to touch me…for a long time. I didn’t want to love anyone… for a long time.


Trauma… in its very name… implies past tense…the past.

So, in order to move forward… what do we do?

Many victims of Trauma consider suicide. Let’s just call a spade a spade and say it out loud!

Suicide seems great… an easy way out… no more pain… no more guilt… no more suffering… just make it over.

But my Dad always said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

All I want victims of Trauma (PTSD… just say it already!) is to realize that they are the only one who have control over their own situation… their own future. Their own tomorrow.

No one…not even me… can tell you to begin to “own” your trauma… But as soon as you do… you’ll start to move on.

But some of us who have done it… can help show you. Hence… my blogapy sessions. The Therapy dog programs. So many options…

Sharing your tragedies… only brings you closer to others… and closer to your new beginning. The beginning of becoming a survivor.

Here’s the link to the trailer of “TRAUMA” … currently called Intrepid… but might be changed…

I know they are looking for support… feel like doing something good for someone else today?



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