Tracey Gamer-Fanning-Shimer Obituary

Tracey Gamer-Fanning obituaryThis was written by Tracey herself…

Tracey Gamer-Fanning-Shimer lived an unbelievable life!

How do I know this? Because I am Tracey and I am writing this before I pass. My mother-in-law, Susan Shimer, died and I saw how hard it was for my father-in-law to write her obituary. So I decided to do it prematurely, so my amazing husband, Greg, doesn’t have to do this all alone.

I was born at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut on August 27th, 1970. I grew up in West Simsbury, went to Tootin Hills Elementary school, then to Watkinson School and graduated from Clark University. I lived in London, and worked for the Times, then moved to New York to work at ABC Network News with Diane Sawyer.

In my lifetime, I was a model, Broadcast Journalist, Advertising Manager, writer, daughter, sister, mother, stepmother, friend and lover.

I was lucky enough while I was alive to climb the Great Pyramids of Egypt, pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, sail thru the Panama Canal, go dog sledding in Alaska, dance in the streets in New Orleans, walk countless miles exploring New York City, see the Eiffel Tower and have a real King fall in love with me… and marry Greg, my knight in shining armor.

Ever since being diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2006, I have lived the best life!

I’ve met and married the love of my life. I’ve been a mom and step mom to five kids! I helped start the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance (CTBTA) with other brain tumor friends and family. I’ve been able to help get medical marijuana not only legalized in Connecticut, but now research has begun so that doctors can begin to prescribe it as medicine. YAY ME! I was also privileged to be invited to be the Patient Advocate on the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Oncology Board.

I really like me and who I have chosen to surround myself with, who I’ve influenced and shit – here it comes – who I have “Inspired” I’m dead and I still hate that word.

But I know, now that I’ve passed, that everyone will go on. It will be hard, but I’ve taught you all to be strong and brave. For those of you who are just reading about me now, trust me, my story is tragic, true, amazing, beautiful and I am finally at peace with the way it ended.

My ashes will be spread among the roses with my Dad and Nanny in Elizabeth Park.

Love you and miss you all!! – Tra


Tracey is preceded in death by her grandparents Sidney and Shirley Packales, Harry and Ruth Gamer and her father, Don Gamer. She is survived by her mother, Terry Gamer, sister, Jen Pfeffer, her brother-in-law, Jonathan Pfeffer and their children Michael, Ally and Owen. Her cousins David and Danny and Jaime. Her Aunt, Susan Gamer. Her husband, Gregory Shimer, her sister-in-law Katherine Dallaire, and children Addision and Kaden; her father-in-law Paul Shimer and all her children and step children – Mitchell, Shaye, Abigayil, Julia and Hannah, along with countless friends, whom she has touched across the world.

A Memorial Service to honor Tracey will be held on Saturday, November 3rd at 6p at the Mandell JCC, 355 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford CT


  1. Our deepest sympathy goes to your entire family…May her memory be for a blessing. I worked with Don and Terry Gamer for many years and remember Tracey as a little girl. I had the great pleasure of running into both Tracey and Terry at the Synagogue in West Hartford as I was attending a service for passing of my father in law.

    Words cannot express my sadness…my heart is broken and please pass my condolences on to Terry..first her husband and then her daughter.

    May time heal ….but I know she will always be in everyone’s heart.

    Robin & Len Egdish
    Estero, Fl

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