To All My Brain Tumor Bumblebees… GO FLY! Blogapy

bee cookie


It is said that aerodynamically the bumble bee is not built to fly. Their wings are not designed to carry their bodies. However, the bumble bee does not know this, so it flies.

Sometimes, when we have knowledge or statistics about an illness, we build barriers to wellness because we believe we cannot be healed. The more knowledge we have, the harder it is to believe that we cannot get a cure.

However, if we think like a bee and just fly, despite what everyone has said scientifically or mathematically, we may surprise everyone around us and even ourselves.

If a fuzzy little bee can defy the odds and get airborne, we too can conquer our preconceived notions and survive and thrive, even after an ominous diagnosis.

Think like a bee and FLY!



P.S. Thanks to my Mom “The Queen Bee”¬†for sending this to me!

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