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Hope is an amazing word. It is on the Front cover of the CTBTA’s Brochure… It’s why we all started the CT Brain Tumor Alliance.

And for so many years it was just a handful of patients and our caregivers…. and it grew…  and grew.

And we were all so proud of our “baby”… but a while ago we realized that we needed a babysitter! And we found the most amazing Mary Poppins you could imagine… with magic up her sleeves!

Last Sunday was The Path of Hope. The CTBTA’s first 5K.

It was dreamt up a long time ago… and finally realized.

For a few of us… I think we felt like new parents going out to dinner for the first time. You give the babysitter the name of the restaurant, your cell phone number, your neighbors numbers… make sure she knows CPR… and #911. Then you hug your baby like you’ll never see it again… get weepy… call on the ride to dinner… you know the rest!

And when you arrive home… the baby is not only sleeping… but the house has been cleaned, the laundry done… and the grass mowed.

That’s the way it felt.

The Path of Hope day was so overwhelming… overflowing with love, support, celebration… and healing!

Hope… It comes in so many forms… but my hopes of seeing the future faces and leaders of the CTBTA were realized. Now other people will come with their passions and drive… and the CTBTA will grow larger and larger.


So to the many special people… who pulled off an event that no one could have expected… THANK YOU… From the bottom of my heart to the top of my brain!



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