The Jews Who Love Xmas!

Holiday 2014 005


I admit it…. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Now… don’t get me wrong… I love Chanukah! We have a tradition in our family of playing M+M dreidel… which then turns into M+M gambling… as all the adults start to add money into the pot for the kids to win. It’s an extreme sport in our house! Relationships have been lost over M+M dreidel! (Shin you SHARE Bob… you can’t eat the candy until the game is won!!!)

Anyhooo….. ever since I was the only Jewish kid growing up in West Simsbury, CT…. I have loved Xmas! The decorations, the food, the lights, the songs, the movies… Santa has an awesome marketing team!

So every year… since I can remember… my family has gone and driven through the glowing lights of Holiday Light Fantasia. It’s a festive light show of… lovable children’s stories, New England scenes, The Polar Express, Santa’s Toy shop, Christmas Trees…. even a Menorah! It’s just awesome.

All the cars turn off their headlights… and drive slowly….single file through Goodwin Park in Hartford. And, until last year… they had a special radio station that would play Christmas songs… Like Dominique the Christmas Donkey (Chickety Ching.. Hee Haw.. Hee Haw)

The best part is… that all the money raised goes to a charity called The Channel 3 Kids Camp. I can’t think of a better holiday tradition.

Another tradition I have with my kids is… What’s Your Favorite Part of the Day?

For 3 Jews… it’s a rarity… but last night it was unanimous!

What an amazing memory I’ve given my kids. So…. as I said for Thanksgiving…not enough room on internet to list the things I’m Thankful for!





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