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The Best Rueben Sandwich EVER! Reuben sand

One of my favorite memories was when I was 20 years old. I was living in New York City for the summer and working for ABC News.

Hold on tight… At first… I started as an intern for PrimeTime Live w/ Diane Sawyer… but then moved my way up to work with ABC Nightly News w/ Peter Jennings, Correspondent Beth Nissen.

I know… long titles… that’s kinda why I hate them. Also kinda sums up why I don’t scare easily with big titles. I’ve already worked for so many, when I was so young… they just don’t intimidate me anymore. Comes in handy when dealing with the folks I’m dealing with now.

But the ABSOLUTE best memory of that summer… hands down… was Father’s Day. I took the bus home from NYC to Hartford, CT. My Mom picked me up, as it was a surprise for Father’s day.

The other surprise that the bus passengers got that day was my very own father’s day gift to my dad!

Early on Sunday Morning…I was first in line at Carnegie Deli! The minute they opened…I had my suitcase in hand… I ordered a Full Size Reuben Sandwich… (With the pickle… cause you gotta have the pickle!)

Then it was off to the Bus Station… bought a RT ticket to Hartford, CT… and on the Bus I got…with my take out bag from The Carnegie Deli.

After about 15 minutes… I finally stood up and loudly exclaimed with a loving smile… “I am SOOOO sorry for the smell… but its my Fathers Day gift… and it’s the only thing I could bring him from NYC that he would just love!” and then sat back down.

Every year on Fathers Day… my dad would show me the tape from that sandwich… he used to carry it in his wallet… I think it was still in it the day he died.

YUP… That totally describes my dad in one food story! Glutinous and LOVING!

So… Rob… Welcome to our family! Looking forward to Thanksgiving!



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