Sunday Morning With Hash… Blogapy

(Preface – I wrote this a while ago. As I’ve said before, rain gives most Brain Tumor patients terrible headaches. You know when someone has hip surgery and they say it aches when it rains… well we’ve had Brain Surgery… so guess what aches when the weather sucks.) This is for all of you having a “BAD” day.


I bet you are all reading and going, “Oh My God!” she’s going to admit to using Hash! Sorry… but no.

I got up this morning, there was no rain, so feeling great I went right to the kitchen to start cooking.

I took all the grilled yummies that were leftover from last nights wonderful dinner party on the patio with old friends. Grilled fingerling potatoes, Bratwurst, Peppers, Scallions… turned them into the best breakfast hash!

While I was cooking it… I kept thinking that everyone is keeping track of what I can’t do anymore. The Doctors test all my motor functions and write down what’s not working. My blood tests track what’s not in the normal range, my Caretakers want to journal how each day is going so they can report on the “BAD” days.

I’d rather everyone write down what I CAN do. Look at the things I can still do and enjoy. In the last 48 hours, I made the most awesome Pulled Pork with homemade BBQ sauce. I made a whole pot of chili from the local meat and veggies I picked up at all the farm stands that I love to go to.

I Blogged a couples of times.

I did a CT Post interview.

I watched one of my favorite movies, The Prestige with Hugh Jackman.

Today I started the day making an unbelievable Hash. I chopped all the fresh peppers and potatoes that I had gotten… by myself… from Rosedale’s. I picked my own fresh herbs. I stood and chopped all the ingredients… and cooked for a whole hour.

Last night I had friends over that I hadn’t seen in 10 years. We talked and ate well into the night… and I went to sleep feeling great… no pain.

There’s the list I’d rather keep. The “I Still Can Do”… not what’s getting harder to do.

Yeah today!



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