Spanx Blogapy… (Because Kris said she liked it!)


SpanxI got trapped in my Spanx!

And no… I’m not kidding. I was laughing so hard… I think I was snorting. Yes, I’m willing to admit that I got stuck in my Spanx. I tried to put the damn thing over my head… and I got stuck. They need to mark those with some kind of warning label. If you have boobs… do not attempt to put this garment over your head!

Spanx has become one of those things that I absolutely hate… but I refuse to live without. It falls under the same category of waxing and hair color.

The Gamer Girls actually have a deal we all made with each other. God forbid one of us slips into a coma one day (i.e. me)… the other two will continue to pluck and hair dye… so that no one will see us at our worst. If we’re going down… we’re going down with dignity.

But no coma Spanx… because in those times, you gotta be comfy… just not gray or hairy!

Great words of wisdom from Tra.

Now, I know I’ll probably not get no “Inspirational” comments… but very honest… right ladies!



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