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I’ve been up since 2am. When I woke up my left arm felt numb and “thick”. Its fine… normal…It comes and goes. But when it happens… its one of those feelings you can’t get past… once you’ve been paralyzed. Hard to go back to sleep.

So… feeling all sucky… I decided to watch some late night TV. It being the holiday season… the season of giving… it’s an all night tear jerker buffet of commercials. And tonight’s selection …The ASPCA. (Association for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals… I think that’s what it stands for?)

I’ve been watching abused puppies for the last 3 hours. All of them begging for me to come love them… and smooch them… and rescue them.

Now the irony is, that as I’m watching this…. I can barely hear the faint whimpering above the gross, wet, loud snoring.

No… not Greg. CoCo, our 15 yr. old rescued Chihuahua Mutt.

She is the perfect dog! She has the worst breath in history from eating our cat’s food. All she wants to do is lay with me. She’ll sleep as late as possible to avoid going outside. She only sleep’s under the covers… and will dig and dig… until she IS under the covers!

And she’s, shall we say, “Curvy”. She ONLY weighs 15 pounds… but I swear to god, if you want to move her when she’s comfortable… she becomes a 400 lb sack of wet sand. It is literally a Herculean task to maneuver from under her!

When we rescued her… she was left tied to a bench in Bloomfield.

At the time, I was receiving my 6 weeks of Brain radiation… and I slept most of the time. She was the perfect companion for me.

Over the years she has forced me to go out for walks… when sometimes I didn’t want to. She has alerted me of seizures… and stayed by my side through them. When I was bald, she was the only one I felt comfortable taking my wig off in front of. She’s seen me throw up… and laid next to me on the bathroom rug. (She’s also pee’d on that same bathroom rug!)

I realized tonight that I rescued her… and she rescued me right back.

Rescuers come in so many forms… keep an eye out!



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