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PMS and Xmas ornament 002


It’s Christmas Day… Dec 25th, 2015! It’s Cozy New England… typical Christmas… 70 degrees and steamy! This record breaking weather is weird… I’m looking over the pasture and its green. No snow… just neighbors walking by in shorts!

It’s Christmas morning… and we are just now… decorating the Christmas Tree. Because…

We celebrate Hanukkah first… and until my kids went back to their Dad’s House… We didn’t decorate for Christmas… kinda keeping it one holiday at a time for the children.

And this Christmas has been especially hard for Greg… after losing his Mom this year. I know its going to be hard for his whole family.

As it is for so many families this time of year. The “1st“Holiday without the one you lost usually is.

But today, as I’m decorating the tree last minute… before Greg’s girls arrive… I’m hanging all of these old ornaments made by all the kids… little hand painted wreaths with  photos in them. A pair of Uggs ornament Greg gave me… a little replica of our dog CoCo (Who is 15).

Bulb after bulb… memory after memory… New Orleans Jackson Square…. hand painted wooden gingerbreads from the Wadsworth (The ones we had all 5 kids paint… even the annoyed teenagers!).

A big red and silver jingly crystaly heart… A Hanukkah Dreidel… Our first F’d up Brady Bunch awkward ornament.

Smiling as I’m taking each one out.

Confession…. 2nd MRI that is still showing a spot. I’m going from 90 day MRI’s to 60 day MRI’s.

But today… decorating this Christmas Tree… I know that every Christmas in the future… when these ornaments are taken out… they will force smiles… and foster really fond memories.

So, I know many people are having a tough holiday… But, always… always… decorate! It will bring back such wonderful memories… let yourself cry… and smile… and then celebrate THIS Christmas!

I know that’s what these ornaments I’m hanging this morning will do for years and years to come.



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