My initial intro from spring/summer 2013

My first “Get To Know Me” Blogapy from 2013

So, I just took another shower and I’m getting ready to go to Yale. And I’m thinking that I’ve been overwhelmed and honored by the responses I’m getting… and the powerful people who are trying to connect with me. Some people who I truly consider, “INSPIRATIONAL.”

So before anyone puts any belief in me, I’d like to tell you a little more about who I am. I am not inspirational… I fart!

I am not religious. I am happy and proud to call myself Jewish. But only because I love the traditions it gave me.It gave me a common ancestry with a group of people who welcome me during the holidays… with just knowing I’m like them. I’ve been married twice. Yes, twice. Both times to Christian men. Sorry Rabbi, but I fell in love. I don’t think religion should ever be a reason that people shouldn’t be married. I think if you ask any religious person, “Why are you a Jew, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Fill in the blank here________?” They would say that its about family, traditions and being a good person and role model.

Well…guess what? We all have that in common! So I married the men I loved, and I make a mean Matzo ball Soup! I had a Bat Mitzvah and then my parents threw a party for me and my friends in the garage. Oh Yes! I was a rocking young Jewish girl from West Simsbury, CT…¬† The home of 2 Jewish families in the early 70’s.

During the Christmas season of my 2nd grade… when all the moms were bringing in Xmas cookies and doing gingerbread decorating… My Mom took the day off from work to show all the kids how to make potato pancakes… because that’s what us Jewish folk eat during Hanukkah.

Of course, like many New York born Jewish Women, my mother had no idea how to cook. So, when she opened up the dusty 10 year old box of Matzoh ball mix… and poured it into the large white porcelain mixing¬† bowl… all my friends asked what the black specs were. Hmmmm… turns out the black specs were bugs. Yes my friends, apparently there is a group of 43 year old, scarred West Simsbury kids who believe that Jewish people eat bugs for Hanukkah. (Christmas was looking pretty good when I was 7!)

Next, I believe that Medicinal Marijuana should be legalized. I have Brain Cancer and I have never been more alive. The drugs they had me on kept me “high”. I couldn’t think straight, had no energy, couldn’t get out of bed and kept me isolated and away from my family. They kept me disabled. Yes, I am “disabled”. But I am also a Mom, The President and Co-Founder of The CT Brain Tumor Alliance, a Public Speaker, a total foodie/chef, a homework doer, a carpool driver (when I’m up to it), a classroom helper, a patient advocate, a wife, daughter, sister… and so much more!

But, I am disabled. I’m very “abled”…but can’t work. I have to rest a lot because I take a lot of seizure medication. I have good days and bad days. I used to be in Advertising Sales. I loved it because I could be flexible with my schedule and make a very good living. Hence, I could be a full time working Mom. Which is what I left the world of Broadcast Journalism to have.

I had it. And I miss it. I bet if you ask most patients who are disabled if they could go back to work… what would they say> I bet most… if not all… would say that they’d do anything to go back to work.

Which is why I try to explain this fact to so many people who believe we live in a country of “Takers.” I worked for a very long time, made a great living, was able to do things for my children, had a new car (That started when I would put the key in)!

Now, I can’t… and I don’t. BUT, I can raise 1.5 million for Brain Cancer. I can raise awareness of an illness that had been hiding in the darkness. I can be a terrific single mom, I can raise amazingly compassionate children, and I can help legalize Medical Marijuana because if this is what its done for me…. imagine what it could do for so many!

I also believe in a lot of other shit… but I’ll save that for later. Now, if all you big wigs still want to talk to me… I’m willing….





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