Mothers Day Blogapy

Mothers Day Blogapy!

This is my Mother’s Day gift to My Mom.


Dear Mom,

I’m always so surprised when you look at me and say, “How did you learn to do all of this?”

I know you were one of the few mothers who worked in the 70’s. You started so many businesses. You built Gamer Publishing with Daddy. You became the first Local Womens Newspaper Publisher in the USA. You gave speeches. You were all gobbeldy gook over dad. And he was even more so for you. You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen… and was so proud when I introduced you to my friends and boyfriends. Secretly, I was thinking…if my boyfriends think my Mom is pretty… than maybe I’ll age well too.

And I know you never knew if it was the right decision to work full time. I know you felt a lot of guilt about that. I know you have a lot of doubts…were you being a good Mom?

And…I also know that I didn’t make it any easier when I said things like… I wished you were more like Kathleen’s Mom! I was a shit…And made you feel badly that you weren’t waiting with warm cookies and milk when I got off the bus. I know you had no interest in animals and horses…yet I made you spend so much time in barns! I know you hated going camping that one time. I know you tried to be at every school play and event. I know how hard you and Dad tried to make it home for dinner every night so we could all sit down together for those few minutes. And I know all of the table manners that you forced on us…(mirrors and scarves…private joke)…preparing us for when we dined at the castle with the Prince and the Queen Mother…were done out of love.

Thank god you were who you were. You taught me how to be strong. You taught me how to support myself. You taught me that ANYTHING is attainable. You sent me to the best schools. You sent me to camp…and then picked me up when I went on a hunger strike!

You sent me off to study in London…to travel in Egypt…to work for ABC in New York.

You accepted the fact that I was never going to marry “The nice Jewish boy”. You helped me launch a business. You taught me that being a woman can be a very powerful thing. You taught me how to be a great wife…and to appreciate a great man. How to be stubborn…and therefore…resilient.

You taught me independence…you let me make mistakes…and never forget to learn from them.

You showed me how to carry on. “The Tracey Show”…is just the 2014 version of “The Terry Show”.

The Gamer Girls are an interesting breed. We’re Crazy, Loving, Funny, Stubborn, Loud, Overwhelming, Touchy Feely, Hungry, Drama Queens! We get each other and love each other… for all our faults… and all our fabulousness.

So Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’ve read each of these Blogapy entries and learned a little bit more…about all the lessons you taught me.

You, Jenny and I were so lucky. We’ve had 43 years to build a relationship that goes way past Mother and Daughters.

We laugh til we pee our pants! We consider Cheese, Bread and Wine a full meal. And Ice Cream is always an acceptable meal replacement! We cook, dance, come up with business ideas, fashion police each other, and make fun of each other. No one gets us… like we get us.

So…How do I do all this…How does Jenny do what she does…We Watched You!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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