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Tough morning.

I woke up to an email message… one I’ve been dreading for a long time. One of my younger patients… someone I adore… has had a recurrence… meaning her Brain Tumor is growing again.

And I’m heartbroken. I just sat out on my balcony and watched the sunrise. And made a very hard decision… but a decision I’m willing to defend.

I’ve been getting more and more patients calling, texting, writing… begging for information on Cannabis Oil. In CT, where I currently live… Medical Marijuana is legal… but there is no where to get it yet… and its an “All Cash” kinda business… If you know what I mean.

Here’s the reality… I have to pay $4000 for 3 months worth of my medication. And wait… here’s the real kicker… I get to be treated like a common criminal… and meet my illegal drug dealer in the back parking lot of the IHOP pancake house off the highway… in the middle of nowhere! The “package” gets tossed into our back car window… and we drive away quickly so our Drug Dealer doesn’t get caught.

It’s so humiliating… I’m embarrassed to even blogapy about it. But it’s the truth. Black and white. A very pretty picture for me and my family.

So, how do I help all these patients?

Many can’t afford it… Shit, I can’t even afford it. We are using my Dad’s life insurance money to pay for my meds. And when that runs out… I don’t know what we’ll do.

Maybe I should start a fund for patients.. who can’t afford to get this medicine… that can better their quality of life.

That way when the dispensaries open… us patients can afford the new medication… which will be dispensed legally… Finally!

Finally, we can be treated like patients… and not “Druggies!”

My ex-husband taught me many lessons. Yes… I just said that. The one I always reference is this:

Don’t come to me with the problem… Come to me with the solution.

So that’s how I always tackle things now… which can make me very difficult to work with. I don’t want to wait… I act very impulsively. Very spontaneously… to make things happen quickly. Because… in reality… TIME just isn’t a luxury I have.

So, here’s my solution. Please ask your physicians about Medicinal Cannabis if its an avenue you want to explore. It’s certainly given me a much better quality of life… and an extended life. I’m off all my pain killers, sleeping pills, anxiety meds… and never went through Chemotherapy!

So ask your doctors… please!

But please understand the reality of this medication right now.


Tra “Druggie”

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