I Woke Up! Holiday Blogapy

PMS and Xmas ornament 002

I just woke up from my mandatory mid day nap… opened the bedroom door… The house was totally quiet.

The lights were off… only mid day foggy New England light in the surprisingly silent house. As I walked downstairs I heard beautifully playing classical holiday music. All three Christmas trees were lit.

I wandered around my own house… still a little dazed from sleepiness… and stopped in front of the big tree…the one that “used” to be too tall for our ceiling (see: previous holiday Blogapy)

You see… when you get divorced… and have to start all over again… the holidays can be the hardest time of year.


Watching Greg put up the tree… year after year… with only HALF of his treasured ornaments… the ones with the stories behind them … all the memories.

When we started our relationship… we talked about how sad it was that …. we weren’t going to have enough time to fill up a tree  full of memories.

Over the last 9 yes… can you f’ing believe it… 9 years… we’ve acquired a whole huge tree full of memories. Ones from the kids, one from Lincoln Center in NY, One from New Orleans, One pair of Black Uggs, One that looks like our dog CoCo, one red heart with crystals and bling all over it… I bought it from Marshall’s…Clearance…it’s ridicously huge and obnoxious… a Jewish one indeed!



We made it…We have a tree of our own!


Merry Christmas,



Greg and Tra

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