I want my own HBO Cooking Show called “I’m better than Lemonade”…Blogapy

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Why I want my new HBO cooking show to be called:
‘I’m better than Lemonade’

Every time someone hears my story and says, “You turned lemons into lemonade” I say thank-you. But what I really want to do is slap them and say this:

It’s easy to make Lemonade. All you do is squeeze a lemon. Squeeze anything hard enough and you can crush it. That’s not too difficult.

I think I zested my perfectly ripened yellow lemons, squeezed out the gorgeous and tangy fresh juice, than let it sit in a double boiler with farm fresh egg yolks and sugar. Cooked it slowly, stirring all the while until it thickened and made a beautiful lemon curd. Then I took some freshly baked buttery shortbread and turned it into a perfect pie crust. Spooned in the chilled lemon filling and then beat the shit out of the egg whites, added some super fine sugar, and created the most beautifully stiff meringue. I than piped it on top and ever so gently torched the edges to make them perfectly golden brown.

Making Lemonade is easy…I wanted to become Lemon Meringue Pie!!!!

Wouldn’t that be a great cooking show? Of course it would have to be on HBO or some other cable network that would allow me to swear and smoke marijuana.

But ask any chef, or someone who has worked in the food industry, and they will tell you that a lot of chefs…smoke pot. I’m not going to say if it’s right or wrong. I know that they all don’t have Brain Cancer. But it would make a hysterically funny and amazing cooking show.

People who love food…love to cook.

When I found out I wasn’t going to be able to continue working…I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. All I had ever known was how to be a working mom. So when my “work space” became…my house space. And my suits became my jeans…I found a part of my new job that I just loved so much. Cooking.

I always loved to cook. I took all kinds of cooking classes, worked in restaurants when I was younger and have watched cooking shows since I was a teenager. I’m an admitted foodie…but not a snobby foodie! And I ALWAYS dreamed of having my own cooking show.

But I can’t be the perfect TV food chef. My food won’t always be perfect…my garlic burns sometimes…my Bechamel sauce eventually might have too much nutmeg in it…and you gotta start over when you’ve overdone the nutmeg!

But damn…I’d have a good time! And considering all the new Medical Marijuana users…and other users…I think it could be a real hit!

Well…now I’m hungry…what’s in the kitchen….hmmm….gotta go cook!


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