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I have a tiny “real” family…. but I have a huge FRAMILY!

People in my life… that I’ve known my whole life… shared really special and really heart breaking, tear jerking, unbearable struggling moments… Holidays, weddings, vacations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, hospital rooms, funerals, shivas… We all were always there for each other. I have so many Framily sisters and brothers, Mothers and Fathers… I truly want them all to know how much they’ve ALL meant to me!

Framily… So much more than friends… just no blood. Or… Family by choice.

Either way you slice it… people who no matter what… will always be there.

So many changes are happening within our Framily. Good things, bad things… and difficult…but metamorphosing changes.

So to the ones going throught the changes… Please look to me. Especially now. Now… is when I can be YOUR role model.

If you believe you are as wonderful… as I know you are… your whole Framily knows you are… just think about how amazing you’re gonna be soon! It’s time to emerge from the cocoon. Be strong… remember that we are all related!

I LOVE YOU SO F’NG MUCH! Can’t wait to see the butterflies you all become!

This applies from now… til forever!



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