Fireworks… Blogapy (This is the 4th year in a row that I will re-post this.)

This is the 4th year in a row that I will re-post this.

Vet sign 2July 4th, 2017……This weekend my family will be celebrating the 4th of July… just like we did last year.

‘But this Brain Tumor girl could only handle so much “Bombs Bursting in Air…” So, Greg took me home and put me to bed. But the fireworks went on all night long. And to me… it was wonderful… but also a little painful.. to my sensitive head.

Then  I started thinking about all the soldiers I talk to.

What is 4th of July like for them?

They have seen real bombs bursting in air. And hearing them constantly going off… in the distance and sometimes… very very close.

This holiday must be horrific for them. They must lay in their beds and cover their heads with their pillows… just to drown out the noise.’

In these last few weeks, leading up to the 4th of July, everywhere I drive I see signs like the one pictured above.

Congratulations to all the Veterans who are trying to “Own Their Tragedy”!

I know I say that so many times… it’s become sorta my tagline… but it’s a huge part of living a new life.

Letting people know that you are still you…. just a different you.

A “YOU” with a struggle… one that you are facing every day!

And people will want to help you… be the new you.

Because they will get a little more of the “YOU”… they didn’t lose!

Happy 4th…. And please be respectful of your friends and neighbors who have served…. Fireworks might not be the way to celebrate for them… start with a hot dog!



Vet sign


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