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Little orange tomatoes


When things get crazy… and overwhelming… I have to go back to my comfort zone. Where everything makes sense and I can breathe. So, yesterday I went to the Farmers Market.

Bought fresh local chicken, turkey, pork and scallops. Tons of local produce… scallions, peppers, summer sweet mini orange tomatoes, and freshly picked corn.

Cheeses… that were made by the farmer… who lazily explained every step in the process… with such pride… we had to buy four rounds.

Listened to an amazing folk band who played straight through a quick sun shower. While eating a peanut butter gluten free cupcake… yeah me!!!

When we got home… I immediately reviewed our haul.

First heat up the grill…. and grilled all the veggies and corn… still on the cob.

Roasted the chicken legs with the fresh brie under the skin… and served it on a roasted corn salad, with grilled zucchini, sweet peppers and scallions… then fresh herbs from the garden thrown in with local peach vinegar and olive oil!

Sat outside on a gorgeous summer night… lit the firepit and listened to music blaring out our bathroom window. (Yes, that’s our sophisticated sound system!)

That’s how I rejuvenate after the tough and overwhelming stuff.

Find a way to get back to your safe place… or safety blanket. Sometimes… just spending one day wrapped up in it… smothered in good food and music… on a warm summer evening… can be the medicine that keeps you going.



Farm market bandhead-corn

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