Cell Phones Can Be GREAT For Kids! Blogapy


Cell Phones Can Be Great for Kids! Blogapy

Yes. I’m actually saying that. That thing from the 80’s…that weighed as much as a brick and burned my ear…that costed $1.50 per minute…that probably gave me my Brain Tumor…is actually now a good thing for my kids.

For all the horrid things that I hate about technology…the cell phone showed me a small miraculous ray of light last night.

You see, my ex-husband and I have been divorced since 2006…right after I got diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

And with divorce…comes a difficult life…not only for you… but more importantly your children.

For years, when my kids were with their Dad….I would not be able to communicate with them. It was so hard. Devastating actually. I remember the nights I would go to bed alone…not being able to tuck them in…or kiss them goodnight. I couldn’t see their faces…and they couldn’t see mine. They couldn’t even hear my voice… to know if I was o.k.

They were scared all the time. They probably wondered…and still to this day wonder if I will be here when they come back from Dad’s. It’s unimaginable to me…and true confession…I am bawling my eyes out while I write this…but there is a happy ending…I PROMISE!

My daughter turned 9 a few days ago…9 YEAH!!!!!! I got to see my daughter turn 9!!!!

And one of the gifts we gave her was a cell phone.

You see a cell phone for a kid can be a dangerous thing. But last night it allowed my ex-husband to apologize for a fight the two of them had earlier in the day…and then video each other a kiss… and a hug… and a “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

I know that had to mean the world to him.

For me…it means they can see me whenever they need to. I can kiss them goodnight when they need it…or just reassure them that I’m doing great!

Why was 9 the right age? We knew she would take care of it…understand that it’s not a toy….its a tool to communicate with people with whom you care about. Her family…all of us.

So far…she has annoyed every single family member with 100’s of… I love you texts and… How Ya Doin? Whatcha doin? LOL…sorry guys…but she loves being able to talk to you…that’s the beauty… and the bitch of constant communication.

So, for every complaint I have about technology…today I think I’m kind of in love with it…Hence This Blogapy Session!





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