Capturing A Moment… Blogapy

Summer 011I took this picture of Greg at our friend’s beach house 2 weeks ago. It was an unforgettable trip… for so many reasons.

But for us… it was about capturing memories. We watched sunsets, walked on the beach and fell asleep listening to the crashing waves. So cliché… right?

But it was.

We saw our “grown” daughters running around in bikinis… OMG!

We laughed about how far we’ve come… 2 in college… 2 in High School… and 1 in their last year of Elementary School!

Yeah Us!!!!!!!

We also talked about the next MRI…. something I have avoided… purposely… for the last 10 months.

You see… to be honest… I feel the loss of each patient… to my bones. I take each passing so personally. And we’ve lost so many.

So many… that I just wanted to take a break. A break from Dr.s, Hospitals, Tests, Needles…

But it’s time to go back.

And not because anything is wrong.

But it’s time… because with all the new research coming out about Cannabis Oil and Brain Cancer… I’d like to give everyone one more good, authentic, solid piece of scientific evidence.

Wish me luck!




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