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I can’t tell you the feeling… It’s strange…. starting something… and then seeing it take on a life of its own.

Thursday night we went to a CD release party of an unbelieveable band called Broca’s Area.

The Band… first of all…. blew my mind! And although you may think my mind is easily blown… post brain surgery…. post brain radiation… post taking my Medical Marijuana… but the band blew everyone’s minds!

Broca’s Area… for those of you who don’t understand Brain Vernacular, is the part of the brain that controls speech.

Speech, was something my new friend Chris lost after his Brain Tumor surgery.

And his Brother, the drummer for Broca’s Area… decided to name the band after this amazing little thing in our heads that we all take for granted.

For Chris, I imagine waking up from surgery… and not being able to speak, must have been as frightening for him… as it was for me… not being able to move… after my surgery.

Chris is one of the newest members of The CTBTA’s Board of Directors. He has since regained his speech, and is now using it to promote The CTBTA!

On the back of Broca’s Area new CD, called Clarity, is the CT Brain Tumor Alliance’s logo. They have partnered with us and a portion of every CD sale will go to the CTBTA.

It’s amazing… watching the journey that started over a cup of coffee… 8 years ago… between 2 Brain Cancer patients…

I’m truly speechless… It must be something with my Broca’s Area!


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