Brain Tumor Bistro Tuesday!

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It’s all set! We had the final meeting with all the chefs for Brain Tumor Bistro this morning.

Next Tuesday 5 newly diagnosed Brain Tumor patients will sit down to beautiful white linen tablecloths… fine china… crystal… the works!

They and their caregivers will enjoy a meal prepared by Master Chef of Great Britain Sunil Malhotra… former Chef to The Queen of England.

They will be treated like royalty.

Not quite my experience 8 years ago. No one to look at… no one to ask questions to… just my imagination and the internet. Neither gave a positive outlook.

They will be able to ask me… and My Caregiver all their questions. While eating some damn good food.

We will be in a private room… within the hospital. We are actually transforming a meeting space… into a 5 star dining retreat. Not a bad way to spend a few hours in between cancer treatments!

What a wonderful way to enter into the Brain Tumor community.

Like a King and Queen!


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