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Let’s Bring Brain Tumor Bistro all across the country!

 This is a portion of Press Release going out tomorrow…

6 Brain Cancer Patients

1 Master Chef of Great Britain who cooked for the Queen of England

A Life Changing Meal

On November 4th, a dream came true.

My introduction into the world of Brain Cancer… for lack of a better word… Sucked.

After Co-Founding the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance… I tried  to find new ways to inspire hope for patients considered to have the “The Worst Case Cancer.”

After befriending Master Chef Sunil Malhotra… I asked him to create an unheard of experience.

After hearing the idea, Master Chef described it as “an honor he couldn’t refuse.”

So Chef and I created a meal of a lifetime… Literally!

5 newly diagnosed Brain Cancer patients were escorted into a small room of St. Francis hospital in Hartford, CT, that had been converted into a 5-Star restaurant for 3 hours.

Patients and caregivers were given an opportunity to talk to me, a long-term Terminal Brain Cancer survivor, and ask about everything from Radiation to Resting, Chemo to Constipation, Seizures to Sex.

Unlike other Cancers, Brain Cancer has very little awareness and support.

This meal was a positive, hopeful and an almost celebratory introduction into the world of Brain Tumors.

When I was given a 3-5 year life expectancy… All I heard that day was I could expect more life!

That was the message we all shared…. over a meal fit for Royalty!

Love you Sunil!



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