Carrie isn’t letting me read any of your submissions… so write whatever you want! I’ll see them when the book is published!

Dear Friends and Family of Tracey Gamer Fanning,
Some of you may know that Tracey has expressed interest in writing a book (because being a mom, wife, daughter, friend, brain tumor survivor, blogger, CTBTA superstar, medical marijuana champion, TV personality… and God knows what else isn’t enough) ;-).
Tracey and I sat down to talk writing (I happen to be a writer) and we brainstormed (no pun) lots of ideas. Tracey’s story is compelling, heartbreaking, uplifting and freaking amazing and it needs to be in print. However, writing a book is a long, tedious and exhausting process and while Tracey seems to have boundless energy, she needs to conserve it for other (often sordid) activities. 
That’s where you come in! I keep picturing Tracey alone on a dark stage, lying on the floor in a ball after the passing of her beloved dad (shortly after her diagnosis). Then, flash forward to the end of the play. The curtain rises and there are ALL of you, dressed in multicolored costumes, smiling, dancing, embracing Tracey. The curtain goes down, comes back up and there are more people. Again, there are more people. Tracey has done this. She has risen from her awful place and has brought us all to a place where life is full of beautiful, colorful moments. Every time the curtain rises, there are more people to celebrate these moments. That’s Tracey’s gift.
You are receiving this email because you are one of those people celebrating life on Tracey’s stage. You have touched Tracey and I am quite sure Tracey has touched you. I’m inviting you to write a page in this book (or to stay with the metaphor, a scene in the play). Maybe you met Tracey at an event and remember her fantastic hug. Maybe you worked with her on important legislation. Maybe you are the love of her life. Maybe you know dirt that will make us roll around laughing. This is not a book about brain tumors. But Tracey’s brain tumor brought all onto that stage and that is very powerful.
Here’s your assignment:
Begin your page with: Dear Tracey Gamer Fanning’s Tumor, 
Then write about a time you have shared with Tracey. There are no wrongs or rights here. Just listen to your heart. Be sure to weave in how you know Tracey and, ideally, how she has inspired you to share her colorful stage. PLEASE don’t avoid this because you are not a writer or  you don’t feel comfortable writing. I will happily talk to you over the phone, get your story, and write it for you. It’s YOUR story. I’ll just help you play with the words. 
Your page doesn’t have to be some huge life-changing event. It just has to reflect a time you and Tracey shared.
Thank you. Thank you, for being on Tracey’s stage. Here’s to many more encores!
Please email your page by November 14th to this email address. If you’d like to talk on the phone, email me!
Carrie Firestone

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