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Who would have thunk it!

After all these years… years of being embarrassed, years of feeling like a criminal, years of watching all the money we had go down the “Medical Marijuana vs. Brain Cancer drain”.

Reading posts like the one after my CBS piece… posts that read they should burn me at the stake because I was¬†advocating for POT!

People asking me if I get “High” every day… and saying.. “Wow… How cool is that!”

Going in front of legislators and reporters… and telling them my story… hoping that I wouldn’t get arrested on my way out of the Capitol.

And this week I was appointed to be the next Public/Patient at Large for the American Board of Internal Medicine.

I’m so excited for me… and the American Healthcare system.

It saddens me every day to hear about the Opiate/Heroin addiction that we, ourselves, created.

And to hear about patients who needlessly suffer.. and aren’t able to have the quality of life they¬†all desire… and deserve.

After my diagnosis in 2006, my dream was to change the face of Brain Cancer…. And Co-Founded the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance with my family and friends!

Then in 2008, during my 6 weeks of Brain Radiation, I found Medical Marijuana… And decided that the stigma attached to this medicine… The medicine that literally gave me back so much that the Brain Tumor stole… And got me off all of the prescriptions… The ones I started to become addicted to myself… Needed a Facelift too!

Now, The laws are changing all over the country… And I’m so proud that The American Board of Internal Medicine would recognize this.

I was nominated by the amazing Dr. Robert Siegel in Oct, 2015… And they voted last week. And I got it!

I hope to positively influence the American healthcare system going forward… I hope to be an honest, passionate, loving voice for patients all over the country.

Who would have THUNK it!

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