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90 days at a time…

I get to live a new lifetime every 90 days.

I know that sounds weird, scary, overly dramatic and kid of unthinkable. But it’s not.

In the beginning…while I was still in the hospital… I was having MRI’s daily. After I left the hospital I had to get an MRI every month. And for a long time we went month to month waiting for good news or bad news.

Then we graduated to 2 months! That seemed like an eternity to me. What if it grows? What if we don’t catch it? Weeks would go by without a needle. That was amazing to me…the best! And I started to breathe a little easier.

Don’t get me wrong…with every MRI comes the days of nerves…anxiety…bitchiness. I start complaining 24 hours before, “Greg, I don’t want to go tomorrow.” He answers, “I know.”

“No! This time I mean it…I REALLY don’t’ want to go!”

“I know.” He would always say and then hug me. Being in such a lovely mood… I would always push him away…and answer, “I’m being serious…I don’t want to go!”

“I know…and I love you.”

After the MRI would come back saying, “No Growth”… I would slowly slip into this comfortable world of “Everything is going to be o.k…” Until day 58…”Greg, I don’t want to go again.”

But now it’s different.

Now I go get an MRI every 90 days. And that will probably be the longest length of time my whole team will ever let me stretch them out. So LIFE….90 days at a time.

It’s amazing what one can do in so many mini 90 day lifetimes. In 2013, I had 4 lifetimes to live… and in each one I did something life altering.

In my 1st 90 day life… I planned my wedding and started a huge slew of media interviews that aided in changing the United States Medical Marijuana laws.

90 day life #2… Became a Mrs. for the second and final time! And he’s the Prince I’ve been waiting all my lifetimes for!

90 day life #3…Became the sickest I’ve been in the last 7 years. My body started to give out…And I started to search. Endless searching…for I’m not sure what. But, in coming “out” publicly… all of a sudden I became connected to a international world of scientists, politicians, writers, soldiers, patients…amazing people who wanted to help me in my search.

Me…they didn’t even know me. I mean…really know me. They lived in other countries and spoke other languages.

I read study after of study… being done all over the world. Spoke to Dr’s…researchers…patients.

And everything I read… and everyone I spoke to…kept saying the same thing. Cannabis oil.

90 day life #4 of 2013. 5 months into my Cannabis Oil treatment… haven’t had one seizure. Headaches have all but vanished. Shaking is at a bare minimum.

In my four lifetimes of 2013 I also saw…
The CTBTA raise the most amount of money since its inception in 2006. We surpassed $1.5 million dollars!

Too many dear friends die.

Saw Medical Marijuana become a viable, measurable, studied drug whose legitimate place is now being solidified in our current healthcare system.

My Mom turn 70!

And… I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve been in years!

90 day life #1 of 2014…

Planning long overdue Parisian Honeymoon.
Actively participating in the NY and national Medical Marijuana process with 2 Cannabis companies.
Broadway trip with Mom, Jen and all 5 kids!


90 days can be a lifetime or a life sentence…it just depends on how you choose to view it!


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